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Florida Statutes

We have provided links to the Florida Statutes the govern Condominium, Cooperative, and Home Owner Associations for your convenience.  Please feel free to contact any of our managers should you need help in the interpretation of these laws.

Florida Statutes 718 for Condominium AssociationsDownload PDF
Florida Statutes 719 for Cooperative AssociationsDownload PDF
Florida Statutes 720 for Home Owner AssociationsDownload PDF
Florida Statutes 721 for Vacation and Timeshare PlansDownload PDF

Click the following link to view a law firms blog about the new amendment 1196 law that allows Associations to demand the rent be paid to the Association when a owner is delinquent in paying the Association Fees.

The following link is to the senates website and the Senate 1196: Relating to Community Associations which provides a detailed description of the new amendment.


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