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We are a full service Property Management Firm for community assistance with both Homeowner Associations and Condominium Associations. Under the direction and participation of the Board of Directors, we review and control the disbursement of funds, the preparation of budgets or other financial documents, assistance with the notice and conduct of association meetings, coordination of maintenance for the residential development and other day to day services.


  • Up hold the governing documents of the association.
  • Guidance on the required annual membership meetings.
  • Guidance to manage, protect, and enhance your property and your investment.
  • Administrative services.
  • Site Services.
  • Communication with shareholders and their needs.
  • Maintenance of all community records for seven (7) years as required by law
  • Collections of all assessment, arrange tax reporting and state records in the name of the association.
  • Team assistance for the Board of Directors and their needs.
  • Assist the association legal counsel when necessary.


You might think a big company will provide the personal service you're looking for while in reality, you can expect more personal attention, more responsive and yes more service from SunCoast Property Services. We are growing and will always keep our promise to provide the best service to our clients. Call us today for a competitive quote and discover why other properties rely on SunCoast Property Services for the best programs and trained professionals. All of our Licensed Community Association Managers have posted their credentials here on our website for your viewing.


  • Board Members and Property Managers work as a team which enables the board to be more efficient.
  • Open communications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Residents can feel engaged and respected as they can communicate with the management firm by website, telephone, and email.  We hold the policy to return all phone calls within a 24 hour period, however, most of the time you will be able to reach our managers on the first attempt unless they are in a meeting or a continuing education class.

Not all associations are the same.  Let us prepare a customized proposal for your specific goals.  Contact Us today to see why when you join SunCoast Property Services you are a customer for life!

SunCoast Property Services
Phone #727-773-6941
Fax #727-773-0263
P. O. Box 1624
Palm Harbor, FL 34682


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