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Have you thought about advertising online, but were afraid your company couldn’t cut through all of the banner ad noise? Our company has recently created a website to provide important information to our homeowners and our homeowner/condo associations. That’s homes that you can have instant access to, simply by creating an online classified ad!

In the year 2000, online classified advertising made up 9% of all Internet advertising, according to the Neilson ratings company. It has grown even more since then. Advertisers are finding that, unlike banner ads and other on-line marketing schemes, classified advertising gets results! Results like “click-through rates that average 15 percent, and are often over 30 percent” according to Jim Brody of

We have a number of advertising options that will give you instant access to community members in our communities. We are so confident that you will love the results you see from advertising on our site; we are willing to offer you a $100.00 discount off of the $800.00 annual fee if you sign up prior to June 1, 2013. This is a total of $700.00 for a full year of advertising direct to our homeowners and board members.

Because our classified ads are stored on web pages, you can add formatting, colors, graphics, even printable coupons to your ad. We can also include a link to your web site on our Hot Links page for the small fee of $400.00 per year.

Sign up today using the form below to advertise with our company and our communities' web sites.

Company Name:
Your Name:*
Phone Number:*
Please send your ad as you wish to see it appear on line in a PDF attachment. Please email to [email protected] You may also submit on a disc and mail to our office. Save $100.00 of the annual fee of $800.00 if you sign up prior to June 1, 2013. Payment is payable to Suncoast Property Services. Your ad will begin the 1st day of the month following payment.
Link from our site to yours $400.00 annually:
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